Basic Financial Modeling – Part 1 of 3

Below is a free-to-watch video module on basic financial modeling.  A financial model is a tool used to forecast a business’s results and is designed to be able to evaluate multiple scenarios.  Investment bankers are expected to be experts in financial

Valuation Overview

Below is a free-to-watch video module on valuation overview.  As Joseph Perella of Perella Weinberg Partners writes in his investment banking textbook, “Valuation is at the core of investment banking.  Any banker worth his salt must possess the ability to

Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Below is a free-to-watch video module on mergers and acquisitions process.  Learning the mergers and acquisitions process will help you better understand the role that M&A plays in global finance and how these often complex deals are negotiated and finalized.

Debt Restructurings

Below is a free-to-watch video module on debt restructurings.  A debt restructuring is a transaction in which a company alters the terms of its debt obligations.  This is a critical concept in investment banking, financial analysis and corporate finance. This

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

Below is a free to watch video module on discounted cash flow valuation. This is a core concept that you must understand well if you are going to work in financial modeling, investment banking, or complex financial analysis. This video

What is Financial Modeling?

This video will provide you with an overview of financial modeling. This is a complex topic that cannot be grasped fully within just a few days. If you are looking to learn more about this subject however this video will

Be a Financial Analyst

Below is an expert audio interview that our team conducted with financial analyst expert,  Dr. Edward Weinberg. Listen to this interview if you want to learn how to be a financial analyst. Dr. Edward D. Weinberger: Edward is a PhD

Hedge Fund Marketing

I have worked many years in capital raising, sales and hedge fund marketing and I want to share some free advice on hedge fund marketing with you today.  In the following video, I share with you a common piece of

Finance Careers

The following audio interview  is borrowed from our platform and was originally recorded for our financial analyst training program.   Richard Wilson is the founder and CEO of the GTC Institute, LLC and the Hedge Fund Group.  His background is in risk

Hedge Fund Investors

In the following video, I explain what types of investors that hedge funds pursue, why they target these investors, how that changes as a hedge fund’s assets under management increases and why it is important that you understand this concept