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Master’s Certificate in Finance​

Earn a Master’s Certificate from The Investment Certification Institute by completing any 5 courses of your choosing.

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These courses are online self-study self-paced courses that will educate you in each of the following finance areas. By obtaining a certification from Investment Certification Institute you will shorten your learning curve and apply real-world experience to your resume. You will receive designations for each of the courses you complete as well as a Master’s Certificate upon completion of the program.

Financial Analyst Specialist Certification

Gain expertise in the effective use of Excel and other tools that are commonly used in financial analysis. Learn and master the fundamentals of finance by analyzing statement and begin to hone the skills necessary to compete for jobs in the modern financial sector.

Certified Financial Modeling Specialist

Review and understand basic concepts of accounting and finance to learn how to work with better assumptions and parameters. Similarly, participants are exposed to the modeling instinct and other necessary skills required in a rapidly changing industry.

Certified Investment Banking Associate

Take a hands-on approach to studying the investment banking business, learning about mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process, and evaluating firms based on various financial models. Participants will become familiar with how M&A works, different valuation methods and preparing debt and equity offerings.

Certified Business Broker

Raise your level of business brokerage knowledge and increasing your ability to work quickly and effectively. Specialized knowledge is valuable and an asset in our knowledge economy.

Certified Private Equity Professional

Learn the structures of private equity, the intricacies of leverage buyouts, how to measure returns, and the relationship between general partners.

Qualified Family Office Professional

Enter the realm of the single family office. This can be done by creating, operating & managing the investments of Single Family Offices.

Certified Capital Raising Specialist

Capital Raising is written to help those looking to consistently raise capital over time from investors without having to cold call them or slowly network through existing connections. In this text we provide a 5 step system to attract investors to your offering over time so they are wanting to get their foot in the door at your office instead of having to cold call potential investors endlessly with no response.

Certified Hedge Fund Professional

Gain a thorough understanding of industry best practices, practical knowledge of hedge funds and greater familiarity with the tools that hedge fund managers employ.

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