What is a Family Office?

A common question I often see is What is a family office?  In the following video, I will cover the definition of family offices, why it is important to know why it is important to understand what is a family

Financial Analysis Training

In the following video, I explain the downside of traditional university financial analysis education versus online professional financial analysis training.  I have spent many years studying at traditional colleges and universities while obtaining my undergraduate business degree and my MBA,

Hedge Fund Career

A job in the hedge fund industry is perhaps one of the most sought-after careers out there.  The compensation is great, the work is challenging and you work with some of the smartest traders and managers in the financial world.

Hedge Fund Formation

This video covers the basics of how to move from being a trader or portfolio manager to running a hedge fund business.  If you are doing research on hedge fund formation you are in the right place.  We explore how