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Financial Analysis Training & Glossary TermsMulti-Family Offices: Family offices are exclusive wealth management firms that usually only accept clients with at least $10-$25M of investible securities. They typically have less total clients but spend more time with each client often assisting with tax, estate planning, charitable giving, foundation, and even budget issues in addition to traditional wealth management services. The costs are typically a little higher than a traditional wealth management office but you get more personal comprehensive service and usually a more sophisticated view of portfolio construction with access to alternative investments.

Family office professionals will take the time to ensure your separately managed acocunt investments and Hedge Funds are balanced and in line with your 401k or IRA investments. Their employees are often experienced and sophisticated enough to understand unified managed accounts (umas), and will be able to explain them to clientele so they may be employed where appropriate. While many family offices use hedge fund of funds, family office professionals will often find an individual hedge fund manager that fits you best if they do not already have one that they work with, and ultimately they are known for working harder to make you happy because they only work with a smaller group of core clients. Many high net worth individuals belong to health groups where doctors will take the time to set down with you for a couple hours each quarter or year and talk about your health and habits. This type of highly personal attention is equivelant to what you get in a financial sense at the best family offices.

AUM of Family Offices

While many family offices have $1B or less under management the top ten have over $5B each with largest ones advising $15-$22B of assets.

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