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Multi Family Office Wealth Management Business

Whether you are a wealth management firm converting to a family office or you are starting a multi family office or you are a current multi family office looking to grow your assets, this video will be very helpful to you.  In the following video, I provide you with six tips on growing your multi family office wealth management business.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1.  When you look at your breakdown of services versus your competitors, make sure that you have holistic services that fill the niches that your clients are expecting.  Look at your top competitors in your region and the top family offices in the nation and make sure that your offering is competitive if not better.
  2. Make sure that your marketing materials are class A and institutional quality.  
  3. Be sure to build in references, word of mouth marketing and credible authorities associated with your family office.
  4. Focus on one or two unique features that your multi family office wealth management business can offer that will make a difference in the eyes of your clients.  
  5. Make sure that you have systems in place for your marketing and operations in your family office.  
  6. Develop your client avatar.  

I hope that by following these tips you will grow your multi family office wealth management business.   

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