Where is the best place to find work as a financial modeling professional?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: Where is the best place to find work as a financial modeling professional?

Answer: There is no industry or business-based geographic location that does not use financial modeling. And there is no way of ranking places in terms of their importance for financial modeling. To give you an example, a financial modeler that is part of Warren Buffet’s 35-person team in Omaha, Nebraska gets to work on multi-billion dollar deals. And perhaps has more of a real impact than his counterpart in London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Shanghai. Or, a financial modeler working for bond fund giant, PIMCO in Newport Beach, California, works on some of the world’s most interesting financial models. So focus on the work you’d be doing and the type of people you’d be working with, and you will not go wrong.

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