What skills do I need to be a financial analyst professional?

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Financial Analyst Certification

Question: What skills do I need to be a financial analyst professional?

Answer: We can differentiate between technical and soft skills. Technical skills include the knowledge of accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, research and analysis of data. You also have to be familiar with programs such as MS Excel, Access, PowerPoint to handle spreadsheets, large amount of data and prepare high quality presentations. You have to have strong analytical skills, be accurate, detect and correct errors, keep deadlines and be able to work both independently or as part of a team. If we think about soft skills you have be a good communicator and able to build effective working relationship with others. You have to be able to set priorities and have a sense of urgency and a strategic view. At the same time you have to keep an eye on the details and draw important conclusions and make recommendations.

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