What should a financial modeling professional consider when being offered a job?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: What should a financial modeling professional consider when being offered a job?

Answer: Considerations change depending on the stage of your career. In the early stages, you must look for a job that gives you maximum exposure to financial modeling. Do not focus too much on the brand name of the company – focus instead on the quality of the work. The more work you can do the better. Secondly, also quiz the employer on the variety of your financial modeling assignments. If you are stuck doing valuation exercises all the time, it will not be long before you get bored and clamor for something that increases your learning. So ideally, look for a company that can give you across the board experience. Lastly, ask the company what they expect of their financial modeler – and let them describe the job to you – if it sounds like a cubicle-approach, try and look for a company that instead tells you that a financial modeler is strategically important to the success of the organization.

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