What else can I do to better my chances of finding a financial modeling job?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: What else can I do to better my chances of finding a financial modeling job?

Answer: As opposed to over-selling yourself directly, speak intelligently about one or two of the company’s financial modeling projects. Discuss their approach and what you see as the pros to their approach. Do not attack the cons because there is some chance your interviewer may have been the one who developed the model you are discussing. On the cons, present it as if you want to learn more about why the company chose to go with one assumption versus another. Give your interviewer a chance to tell you why certain assumptions were more relevant in the company’s context. He may also, in some instance, agree with your observations and mentally side with you. Irrespective, he will have an engaging, specific and relevant conversation with you, as opposed to an interview where you talk about standard things like strengths, weaknesses, etc.

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