What are the top 3 most valuable books to read about financial modeling?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: What are the top 3 most valuable books to read about financial modeling?

Answer: Most financial modelers must have a very robust understanding of finance – both for corporations and for Wall Street related firms. So make sure you take a finance course that has a good Corporate Finance text book. Most business schools use a text book called Principles of Corporate Finance by Brealey & Myers. This is a wonderful book that gives you a basic background in accounting, corporate finance and investment finance – and prepares you for almost all financial modeling positions.

You must also read a dedicated book on financial modeling. For example, you could consider Building Financial Models by John S. Tjia. This book specifically goes into the nuances of financial models and the key aspects of Excel that you need to build excellent financial models.

The third most valuable book would depend on the industry you want to focus in. So, based on your industry, do your research online and pick a book that gives you the fundamentals on your industry. For example, if you want to be an investment analyst, you could read books on investing and valuation by Graham and Dodd.

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