What are some steps I need to take to become a financial modeling professional?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: What are some steps I need to take to become a financial modeling professional?

Answer: First and foremost, get an education that is relevant – such as a bachelor’s degree in business, math, science, accounting or engineering. You could get this degree online or you could get it by attending a regular college. Next, make sure you develop Excel-based models as part of your coursework. The models do not have to financial models, but can be business models, marketing models, etc., that take historical data, analyze it for trends, identify key parameters that have guided historical outcomes, and use those trends, in the context of today’s reality, to develop predictive models. If you can, include sensitivity analyses on various parameters, develop charts and graphs, and focus on the flow and usability of your models. Next, take dedicated online accounting and financial modeling courses to improve your financial modeling skills.

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