Is there normal dress attire associated with a financial modeling career?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: Is there normal dress attire associated with a financial modeling career?

Answer: Financial modeling is about being thoughtful, objective and balanced. When you present yourself to the interviewer, first impressions always matter. So make sure you dress well – not too flashy but not too dull.

Women should go with a dark or light colored pant suit or knee length skirt, with a matching plain colored top that is smart without revealing too much skin. Pair it with medium heels, not something you’d wear to a night out of partying.

Men should go with a dark olored suit – black, gray, dark blue, a dark brown are safe shades. Pair it with a white shirt, or a blue or tan shirt. Stay away from bright colors or controversial pink, purple, orange or reds.  Pair it with a conservative, lightly patterned or plain tie. And matching black or brown formal shoes.

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