Is there a lot of room in a financial modeling position for advancement or promotion?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: Is there a lot of room in a financial modeling position for advancement or promotion?

Answer: The sky is the limit. If you look at the richest investors in the world – Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, or the CEOs of hedge funds, private equity firms and most investment banks – they all started out as financial analysts focused on financial modeling. Through the diligence that they applied to financial modeling, they gained insights into the various areas of specialization and modeled scenarios with sensitivity on various variables, and recommended investments that made a lot of money.

On Main Street, a lot of financial modelers catch senior management’s eye very early in the game and often deal with confidential information and data – such as a merger or divestiture – that few in the organization are privy to. If you play your cards well, you can quickly become part of the CEO’s inner circle and rise to play a very important role within the company.

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