If I want to switch my career over to working in financial modeling what should I do?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: If I want to switch my career over to working in financial modeling what should I do?

Answer: The answer to this really depends on what you did in your prior positions, and the foundation those jobs gave you to switch to financial modeling. If you have a background in something that’s of a quantitative nature, then you at least have the quant or math side covered. In such a case, focus on learning accounting and finance. These are logical subjects and you will find them quite easy to understand if you apply yourself well. After just a few basic courses, and ideally a class project on financial modeling, you should be able to switch quite easily.

If you do not have a quant background, you should, and can, build your quant foundation. To do so, take up some basic math courses and get comfortable with numbers. Also take a course on Excel and practise using Excel formulas, constructing spreadsheets, graphs, etc. In parallel, also take up courses in finance and accounting, and also do a specific online course on financial modeling, and you should be able to get a job in financial modeling.

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