How do you get your first entry level financial modeling position?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: How do you get your first entry level financial modeling position?

Answer: You get your first entry level financial modeling position on the strength of your academic coursework, on the diligence and thoroughness with which you applied yourself on your financial modeling project, by showing prospective employers examples of how you can think across silos and combine your knowledge of marketing, finance, math and strategy into a lucid, easy to use and flexible model that weights parameters based on their business relevance, you should find a job with relative ease. In addition, make sure you get excellent grades and excellent recommendations. You get good recommendations if you actively participate in class discussions, add value to the team’s learning experience, study your course material well in advance, and generally impress the teacher. If you think about it, employers are looking for much of the same traits from someone they hire – on top of his work, a team player, interacts well with the team, adds value, and delivers exceptional results.

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