How can I find a valuable mentor to help me in my financial modeling career?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: How can I find a valuable mentor to help me in my financial modeling career?

Answer: The steps to finding a valuable mentor are the same, irrespective of whether you are a financial modeler or just a pretty model. A mentor would only want to spend his valuable time mentoring someone he feels will not let him down. For a second, assume that your boss takes you under his wing, gives you a strategic financial modeling assignment, and also gives you the opportunity to present your model to the CEO and senior executives. If you do not hold up your side of the bargain, develop a fantastic model and present it well, your boss will lose face, as will you. So before someone takes you on for mentoring, he or she will likely gauge what you are like personally and professionally. So, in a nut shell, if you are good at what you do and really excel, there will be many who would want to promote you.

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