How are financial modeling professionals evaluated in a position?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: How are financial modeling professionals evaluated in a position?

Answer: Financial modeling professionals are evaluated on various metrics. Employers and bosses rate you on your broad understanding of the business, without which you cannot produce a meaningful contextual financial model; on your comprehension skills – do you quickly understand what the model is all about or does someone have to sit down and literally map everything out for you and then have you almost be the equivalent of a robot who puts everything down on a spreadsheet; on your communication skills – can you walk around and get other employees to open up and give you information on parameters necessary for the model. For example, would someone in sales be comfortable sharing information on projected units to be sold or would they rather not interact with you; on your analytical model building skills – all of the above are useless if you cannot condense them into a cohesive, accurate model that is easy to use and robust; on your presentation skills – you will not just email an Excel to your boss and be done. Chances are he’d want you to present it because you know all the details. So you will be evaluated on multiple dimensions.

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