Early on in my financial modeling career, are there ways to really impress my boss or employer?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: Early on in my financial modeling career, are there ways to really impress my boss or employer?

Answer: There are a few ways. When your boss first describes the project, listen very carefully, take notes, and ask just a few clarifying questions. Give your boss the confidence that you understood what he wants to achieve with the financial model. Do not ask too many questions because that would give your boss the sense that you need to be spoon-fed – that would erode his confidence right away.

Next, go off and reflect on your discussion with your boss. If you’re unclear, use the Internet to do some additional research so you can clarify a few things without speaking with anyone or pestering your boss. If you still have a few questions, as you well might, seek out a peer or someone with maybe a few more years of experience, and get him to mentor you.

Then spend some time building a draft version of the model, talking to a few more folks within the organization, and getting a better grasp of the model. Also ask your seniors for input on the model, and make sure it flows well, looks visually appealing and is easy for others to use.

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