Are there different kinds of financial analyst job titles?

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Financial Analyst Certification

Question: Are there different kinds of financial analyst job titles?

Answer: Naturally there are different kinds of financial analyst job titles. Today most of the financial analysts specialize by industry and/or by the type of institution and/or by sector. We have to differentiate between financial analysts working for financial institutions or for other companies. Financial analysts working for financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies and investment banks may work with funds, write research papers, analyze securities, write reports with recommendations or play the financial analyst role in mergers & acquisitions. There are financial analyst positions in companies such as Procter & Gamble or  Shell. In these positions you can expect to participate in analyzing sales and marketing initiatives, sourcing studies and business development. You may also find work in the treasury or mergers & acquisitions departments as well.

As a financial analyst you will also attend meetings with your colleagues and peer analysts, senior management and eventually clients.

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