Are jobs in financial modeling fast-paced? If so, why?

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Financial ModelingQuestion: Are jobs in financial modeling fast-paced? If so, why?

Answer: Jobs in financial modeling tend to be fast paced because they are often related to strategic decision making. Sometimes, a financial model, such as an acquisition model, needs to be completed in record time – often in situations where a counter-bid needs to be made and announced the very next morning – so financial modelers are routinely up all night refining their model. Another reason is that there are millions and billions that are at stake in such strategic decisions, in competitive scenarios where time if of the essence, so a fast pace is necessary. Think also of a situation where an investment manager sees a stock price drop significantly, and a decision needs to quickly be made on buying versus not buying that stock, before it bounces back… high pressure and high-paced at times, but not necessarily all the time.

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