International Capital Raising

As more and more investment funds expand their reach to all corners of the globe, learning how to raise capital internationally is a unique skill that will benefit any fund.  In the following video recorded in Madrid, Spain, I speak about the three synergies in international capital raising and how international capital raising differs from traditional capital raising in a single country.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. International capital raising has become more and more important in recent years.
  2. There are hundreds of countries where people are rich enough to invest in hedge funds but there are only a few dozen countries where people actually know about alternative investment funds and invest in them.
  3. Geography is important in international capital raising.  If you are going to raise capital internationally you should try to target near-by nations rather than all over the globe. 
  4. The regulatory environment for a European country could be drastically different than the regulation in an Asian country.
  5. Language is another important aspect of international capital raising.  It is more difficult for you to raise capital in a country where investors do not speak English or in a country that you do not speak the language.  

 The lessons in this video should help you focus your efforts and energy on where you can raise the most capital in the least amount of time.  By using these three synergies you should be able raise capital internationally with greater success and grow your fund.  

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