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Hedge Fund Training

A question that I often receive is, do I need hedge fund training?  In the following video, I provide some reasons that you should consider completing a hedge fund training program.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Few professionals are formally trained on hedge funds.
  2. Thus, many hedge fund professionals are not very familiar with other strategies and how other hedge funds or fund of hedge funds operate.
  3. Hedge fund training can sometimes lead to promotions or new business opportunities.
  4. Most of our economy in Europe and the United States is knowledge-based so that is our #1 asset and you need to invest in growing that knowledge.  

Transcript for Hedge Fund Training

Hello, this is Richard Wilson and welcome to this short video on hedge fund training. One question I often get is whether — somebody is asking me whether they need hedge fund training or what’s the importance of getting trained on the topic of hedge funds, and I just wanted to cover that real brief because it’s such a common question.

The most important reason why you should receive training on hedge funds is that there really is not very many professionals and not a higher percentage of professionals who have been formally trained on hedge funds. So most people aren’t aware of other investment strategies that are much different from their own or they’re not aware of exactly how the fund of hedge funds operate. They do at a very high level, at the 10,000-foot level but not at the 500-foot level or 1,000-foot level which could make the difference ineffectively being able to work with the fund of hedge fund, maybe work for a fund of hedge fund or in the future, you know who know what types of joint partnerships or ventures might be available between you and the fund to fund.

So I think that that’s just one example of why it’s important to learn more about hedge funds. But other than that I’ve seen people who after completing hedge fund training programs were promoted from a hedge fund research associate to a portfolio manager and risk manager within a hedge fund. I know professionals who now are running companies such as a hedge fund recruiting firm that I spoke to last week, they now require everybody on their team complete CHP designation because they want to know that their recruiters know enough about hedge funds so they could work with their clients. They’re not going to embarrass the company or make a mistake. That’s really basic knowledge about hedge funds.

And I think the final reason why hedge fund training or really any type of training is valuable, is that most of our economy in Europe, United States is knowledge-based economy. Peter Drucker called us “knowledge workers” because instead of working with steel and metal and hard materials, we’re working with knowledge and abilities and skills that people have, which is all related to what you can learn and what you’ve been trained on.

And so if you think of a knowledge worker versus more of a blue-collar type job where you’re working with hard materials, your knowledge is really your asset. Like you yourself are your most valuable and most important asset. And the faster you grown that asset the more that you’re worth. And if you can grow that asset with knowledge, it’s specific to the job that you have, that’s going to be worth 2 times, 10 times, maybe 30 times more than knowledge that is just maybe more generic. You could read a book on sales or get sales training but how much valuable would it be to get capital raising training for hedge funds. That’s mini layers, more specific and more valuable.

So I think that lots of people sometimes forget that and forget how important they are as their own asset and positioning yourself in the industry with all of your experience, training and relationships is really one of the most important things you can kind of thing through and plan. So those are the main points I wanted to get across about the importance of hedge fund training. I hope that answers a few of your questions. And if you have more questions, please feel free to send them in to us. Thank you for your time.

I created the Certified Hedge Fund Professional program because I knew how valuable a training program on hedge funds would be.  Since then, more than 1,200 professionals have enrolled in the program and gained greater knowledge about hedge funds.

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