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Educational Marketing Strategy

The educational marketing approach is one that I have found can be useful in capital raising.  In the following video, I explain the educational marketing strategy and how it can be effectively used in capital raising.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Educational marketing is one of the most effective ways of growing capital, leveraging your time and positioning you as an authoritative figure. It also increases transparency, a vital consideration these days considering a recent report highlighting 78% of institutional investors will only invest in something they understand. 
  2. Whilst some funds are highly sophisticated, top secretive and black box, it is much more powerful and beneficial to be transparent and show the inputs in your investment process and where your competitive advantage lies. A10,000 foot view, which provides an easy-to-understand overview of the process and core components, is required.
  3. Four ways to market your hedge fund in an educational way are (i) dedicate 20% of your presentation to educational content, (ii) have a folder of marketing material to deliver to clients when you meet them, (iii) practice speaking and writing (iv) target wealth management firms and financial planners.
  4. Dedicate 20% of your presentation to educational content, footnoting industry terms and providing explanations at the end. Explain the process in a straight forward manner and give an overview of the team before getting into trading or risk management tools.
  5. Have a folder of marketing materials to deliver to clients when you visit them. This includes a one pager, powerpoint presentation, monthly/quarterly reviews and a white paper, either delivered by someone within your firm or elsewhere.
  6. Practice speaking at conferences where your investors go to, not your competitors, and write at least one article per week on what you are learning, in order to synthesise your knowledge.
  7. Target wealth management and financial planners, who have little knowledge on hedge funds, compared to institutional investors. There is a great opportunity here to provide them with detailed marketing material, each varied in terms of their sophistication. These wealth managers will in effect, act as a sales representative of your materials, to their high-net-worth clients, which is an extremely powerful tool.

The educational marketing strategy can be an effective tool for raising capital.

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