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Although the Certified Hedge Fund Professional Designation has become a well-recognized training program throughout the hedge fund industry, we have provided the following video for those of you who are still unfamiliar with the CHP or would like to learn more about the program.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Membership among the CHP program is international based. Whilst 50% are from the US, the other 50% is made up of members from countries such as Hong Kong, Brazil, South Africa, Italy and Switzerland to name a few. 
  2. Recently many firms have enquired about the prospect of many of their employees taking the CHP course, which acts as a important benchmark for having the required skills when joining their firm.
  3. 500 professionals have gone through the program thus far and we expect to serve an additional 1,300 professionals over the next two years.
  4. Statistics show that 500,000 visitors have visited the website since starting the program. This figure continues to grow as the program becomes more popular and well known.
  5. CHP is the only online hedge fund training and certification program specifically geared toward the hedge fund industry. Videos, required reading, support, networking evenings, study guides and mock exams are just some of the services and benefits the program offers.
  6. Visit us at or contact us by emailing

Transcript for CHP Designation

Hello, this is Richard Wilson and today we’re going to talk about the Certified Hedge Fund Professional Designation, the CHP designation and one question we get related to this program. So basically one of the most common questions we get is about — you know is the CHP globally recognized? Or how globally recognized is the CHP? Or how well known is it? Or how credible is it? And a very valid question and we just wanted to address that directly within these videos. We can just like fully explain it within a more interactive content than just writing some new text for the website.

So one thing that I think everyone should know is that the membership among the CHP program is very international. Only around 50% of the professionals in the program are from the United States, the rest are from countries such as Hong Kong, South Africa, England, Brazil, Canada, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Italy. These are members that actually just joined during the past session from these different countries. China, just only over a couple of people. We have many professionals from all over the world who take the program. So if you’re not in the United States, this program is still very relevant and applicable to your work with hedge funds or in the hedge fund industry.

Next, is that we recently have had many firms like one I just spoke to two days ago requiring the CHP designation for all the employees of their company. Those that are working in the company now are completing the CHP and anyone who would like to get hired and their company in the future must either hold the CHP designation or the company is going to pay for them to receive it after they join. But they said it is a definite benefit if somebody has a CHP before joining their firm because if all else is held equal, someone has 5 years of hedge fund experience, the other person has 5 years, they both have their MBA but one has formal training on hedge funds and has spend over 200 hours studying hedge fund fundamentals and then a practical area of their choice with the level 2, that’s going to be distinct advantage over the other person in terms of knowledge, how quickly they can work on the job, how effective they are at working with clients, how much they can contribute to the team and there’s just going to have more access to networking, alumni resources and business improvement resources for themselves and the business they work for in the hedge fund industry.

So the fact that companies are now requiring that people hold the CHP designation to be employed at their firm is definitely something that speaks through a third-party to the credibility of our program.

Next is that so far we’ve already had over 500 professionals move through our program. Over the next 2 years we’re planning on serving over 1,300 additional members. Every time we open our session it sells out and we are always adding more professionals for each session that we offer. And then also, we looked up statistics for our website recently and too,, our website for the CHP, we actually had over 500,000 visitors since starting this program. So many professionals in the industry are least aware that it’s out there and I’ve read some basic information on what it is, what is required, what is means to hold the CHP? And that’s only going to grow as our program grows, we spend more on marketing, we’re doing more positions in the CHP and it’s becoming more well known every day.

And the last, probably the most important thing to remember or keep in mind is that the CHP designation is the only online hedge fund training and certification program that’s made exclusively for hedge funds. We provide networking events, we provide video resources, we have over 100 videos we’re making available and we just provide a real kind of 360 learning environment between your required readings and study guide, the mock exam, the video content, the e-mail help, IR team, the networking events. We really provide this huge realm and access of resources and things that can just help you learn about hedge funds and also benefit from that knowledge and actually act on it whether you’re running a hedge fund, a service provider or looking to work in the industry or improve your career in the industry.

So I hope all these things help explain the answer to the common question we get about whether the hedge fund certification and training program we run is credible or how credible or globally recognized it is. I hope this provides a really detailed answer to that question and thank you for your time today. If you need to learn more about the CHP please visit us at or send us an e-mail at Thank you.

The CHP program is the industry standard #1 most popular and trusted certification program built exclusively by and for hedge fund professionals.

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