Financial Analysis Training

In the following video, I explain the downside of traditional university financial analysis education versus online professional financial analysis training.  I have spent many years studying at traditional colleges and universities while obtaining my undergraduate business degree and my MBA, but I really think that these schools underserve their students and do not provide them with the type of training that is valuable in the real world: practical training by finance professionals with years of experience in financial analysis.

I know that personally I learned most of the skills necessary for working in finance and the hedge fund industry through professional training, not college lectures.  If you are considering finance training you should definitely watch this video.

Video Transcript/SummaryThe strategies and tips provided within this video module include:

  1. Students at traditional colleges and universities–even top-rated ones–are often underserved in terms of preparation for an actual career in finance.  
  2. The internet provides you with opportunities to obtain financial analysis training quickly and inexpensively.  Compared to four-year institutions, this is a great alternative that will get you trained in a specific profession rather than a general business degree with no job focus.
  3. Even after you obtain your college degree the value will eventually decline as business evolves and the need for updated and ongoing professional training increases.  
  4. You also start to forget things after you graduate, fortunately there are programs that provide you with archived lectures and video and audio content that will make sure you always have access to financial analysis training.  
  5. Online universities and training providers have an advantage in that they don’t have to pay for a large university, tenured professors and other costs.  This allows online universities and training providers to take that money really invest it in providing you with the most possible value. 

The point of this video is not to denigrate the work that professors and traditional educators do; I’ve learned a ton from these people and they serve a valuable function in our educational system.  I just want to show that while these universities may provide you with a degree, they hardly ever give you real, practical training in specific career paths like financial analysis and other very specific niches.  

As I have explained in the video, there are many advantages to obtaining financial analysis training through online education providers.  I hope you consider this when you decide whether to spend another $50,000+ on another degree.  

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